The FOTO/Phoresis UV Transilluminator is ideal for safe visualization and photography of DNA mini-gels without leaving the lab bench. A UV-blocking, safety interlocking cover makes it possible to safely view the gel without the use of UV blocking eyeglasses.

For fool-proof photography, the FOTO/Phoresis is built with an acrylic frame which perfectly positions your gel in the UV light path. This frame also holds the FOTO/Phoresis photographic hood in place. In addition, the acrylic frame has been designed to accommodate a standard, 100 mm Petri dish for GFP plates, UV mutagenesis experiments and other applications.


  • 8.6 x 10.8 cm viewing surface
  • UV Blocking cover with interlocking safety switch and indicator light
  • Perfect positioning of mini-gels for photodocumentation
  • Notched acrylic viewing frame for holding standard Petri plates
  • Two 9-watt, 312 nm bulbs
  • Cooling fan
  • Instruction manual