FOTO/UV 15, 21 and 26 Transilluminators from Fotodyne

FOTO/UV 15, 21 and 26 Transilluminators from Fotodyne

Economical FOTO/UV® 15, 21 and 26 Transilluminators save valuable bench space, are easy to maneuver and have an optimized filter glass area with uniform illumination.

Each is uniquely designed with dual intensity control, offering analytical and preparative settings. The analytical mode provides the nanogram level sensitivity that distinguishes all FOTODYNE 312 nm DNA transilluminators. The preparative setting allows the sensitivity of 312 nm at 1/3 intensity UV light which greatly reduces the risk of damage to DNA while doing preparative work.

The FOTO/UV 26 is available in a dual wavelength option which includes 312 nm and 366 nm (long wave) bulbs. You can also customize this transilluminator by choosing other combinations of 254 nm, 312 nm, and 366 nm.

Features Common to All Three Transilluminators:

  • Preparative and analytical modes
  • UviClear™ UV Transparent Glass Protector
  • Matte black top to reduce ambient light reflection
  • Standard (four) 8-watt 312 nm bulbs
  • Dual wavelength options on FOTO/UV 26