FOTO/Flex transilluminators provide the largest - 28 x 25 cm - UV viewing surface and highest intensity.

For flexible viewing of a variety of fluorophores, the FOTO/Flex Dual Wavelength Transilluminator comes standard with 312 nm and 366 UV bulbs. You can also customize the transilluminator by specifying a different combination of 254 nm, 312 nm or 366 nm bulbs.

For traditional viewing, the FOTO/Flex Single Wavelength Transilluminator comes standard with 312 nm bulbs, the optimal wavelength for maximizing sensitivity of ethidium bromide-stained gels.


  • 28 x 25 cm viewing surface
  • Choose between single or dual wavelength control
  • Hi/low intensity control
  • Eight to twelve 8-watt bulbs: single wavelength: 312nm and dual wavelength: choose any combination of two from 254 nm, 312 nm, and 366 nm
  • UviClearâ„¢ UV transparent glass protector
  • Cooling fan
  • UV blocking eyeglasses