Flowmeter Model 502500 from KNAUER

The Flowmeter model 502500 is specifically designed for monitoring of the flow rate in chromatography systems. It periodically displays the current flow rate on a large LC display and simultaneously records the measured value to a RS-232 controller. This enables PC supported data processing. It operates with a one point calibration.

115 Volt version.


Flow Rate Range 0.05–25 ml/min, true volumetric measurement, independent of density and viscosity (up to a maximum viscosity of ∼10 cP)
Flow Rate Accuracy better than 1.0 % of reading over range 0.05–25.0 ml/min
Flow Rate Precision better than ± 0.5 % standard deviation over range 0.05–25.0 ml/min
Calibration gravimetric calibration at a single flow rate (1 ml/min)
Wetted materials stainless steel, PEEK, Teflon®, or Pyrex
Outputs RS–232 to 6 digits supplied standard
Control RS–232
Technical Parameters
Display LCD Display (12.7 mm), 4 digits + 3 status symbols
Power supply 115 V, 2-pin USA/Japan plug
Dimensions 138 x 73 x 45 mm (W x H x D)
Weight 0.32 kg