FluidFM® ADD-ON for Your Existing AFM Instrument

The FluidFM ADD-ON greatly extends the application scope of classical atomic force microscopes (AFMs) beyond imaging and force spectroscopy. More than 8 distinctive applications ranging from single cell isolation to colloidal spectroscopy measurements become readily possible with this easy upgrade solution.

The FluidFM ADD-ON solutions have been developed in cooperation with major AFM partner companies. This allowed to carefully consider the geometrical and physical needs of both the FluidFM parts as well as the AFM system.

This results in a unique FluidFM probe holder design for selected AFMs and tailored FluidFM probes, accompanied by the state-of-the-art FluidFM microfluidics control system.


JUST CLIP IT ON. Close-up of a specific AFM (Nanosurf FlexAFM scan head) with a mounted FluidFM probe.

Supported AFM systems:

  • Bruker BioScope Resolve
  • JPK NanoWizard, CellHesion and ForceRobot families
  • Nanosurf FlexAFM, and CoreAFM families