A Powerful Tool for Single Cell Biology.

The FluidFM BOT is a revolutionary tool for biologists in particular in cell line, drug development or genetic editing at the single cell level.

The cutting-edge FluidFM BOT system opens the door to single cell experiments that have not been possible with conventional methods. Built around the patented FluidFM hollow probe technology, the highly automated system allows cell manipulation at the single cell level, and this in a non-destructive and cell-context preserving manner.


The FluidFM BOT is an unmatched tool to introduce a vast variety of materials of your choice into a cell.

Inject a vast variety of compounds such as DNA, RNA and plasmids directly into nuclei or cytoplasms of adherent cells. This is done in a ”gentle”, less stressful manner than with most other delivery methods, resulting in cell viability of ~95%. In addition, it is possible to measure the injected femtoliter volumes (fL) and inject 100 to 300 cells/hour depending on the cell types.

Nano-Extraction & Cell Isolation.

Amongst many applications, FluidFM nano-extraction and FluidFM cell isolation will critically empower your single cell research. Together with FluidFM nano-injection, these applications make the FluidFM BOT an unrivalled tool in many key research areas.


Using the FluidFM nanosyringe, perform gentle biopsies on selected cells. The approach is similar to FluidFM nano-injection but uses negative pressure to extract the cell content. Depending on your interest, target either the nucleus or the cytoplasm of the selected cells. The precise dimensions of the nanosyringe allow you to control the volume of the biopsy. The image above shows the nano-extraction of 1110 fL from a GFP-Hela cell cytoplasm. The procedure is non-destructive and therefore makes it possible to perform cell biopsies from the same single cell over different time points.

Cell Isolation

Adherent cells can easily be isolated using the FluidFM micropipette. Selectively shower the cell of interest with trypsin or any other dissociation reagent. Then, apply a gentle negative pressure to harvest the cell with the micropipette. You can then move to another well to isolate the cell by approaching the surface and applying a positive pressure through the microfluidic channel of the micropipette.

FluidFM BOT System.

A high level of automation coupled with intuitive instrument operation have proven to be particularly important for single cell research.

The FluidFM BOT is a complete stand-alone system which includes all essential elements such as a motorized inverted microscope and an anti-vibration table with its own pressure pump assuring stable FluidFM experiments. The system also includes a made-to-measure incubator with a HEPA filter and UV light to minimize contamination.

With the FluidFM BOT comes also a set of FluidFM probes, including the FluidFM nanosyringe. A dedicated barcode reader gives convenient access to the relevant probe characteristics and quality control data. Finally, an optimized computer and a high definition monitor enable smooth operation of the ARYA software and all FluidFM BOT system components.