Fonix Colt Clinical Audiometer from Frye

Fonix Colt Clinical Audiometer from Frye

The first clinical audiometer of its kind, the Colt is controlled completely by the touch screen interface of an Android Tablet. The user interface is intuitive and elegant, allowing the operator to move between pure-tone and speech testing with a simple touch.

Touch Interface

In the past, audiometers used push buttons (lots of them!) to perform a variety of basic functions. Later-generation menu-controlled audiometers often required the user to navigate through multiple confusing menus in order to perform the desired testing. Even newer mouse-controlled, computer-based audiometers lacked simplicity. But with new tablet-based technology, a touch of the finger directly on the test screen is all that’s needed. The audiometer gives the user instant feedback with a color change or other visual clue.

Advanced Hardware Platform

While the user interface of the Colt is handled by the Android Tablet, the hard work of accurate signal generation is performed in the Colt’s hardware platform. This platform is an electronic work of art, containing the latest, most advanced collection of analog and digital circuits available. Flexibility and power are combined in one sleek package.

Freedom of Movement

If desired, the user can simply lift the tablet from the platform and, using Bluetooth technology, perform the audiometric operations from a more convenient location. The operator does not have to be tied down to a desk in front of a traditional audiometer or computer.