The Gallios Flow Cytometer provides efficient acquisition of up to 12 parameters with advanced optical design for enhanced sensitivity for multicolor assays. With customized forward scatter, to achieve accurate size measurement, and optimized electronics for high resolution and fast, accurate processing, the Gallios was designed for researchers needs.

  • Automated walk-away processing
  • Wide dynamic range of fluorescence intensities
  • Available with Kaluza for Gallios acquisition software
  • Remote diagnostics minimize downtime

System Configurations

  • 2 laser (red and blue), 6 color system.
  • 2 laser (red and blue), 8 color system
  • 3 laser (red, blue, and violet), 10 color system
  • 4 laser (red, blue, violet and yellow/green), 10 color system


  • Easy setup of experiments and automated walk-away processing
  • QC functionality with Levey-Jennings reports with Gallios CXP software
  • Improved software user interface with Kaluza for Gallios Acquisition software.

Set up and acquisition

  • 6 decades of sensitivity and resolution to distinguish a wide range of populations easily.
  • Vortex of individual tube prior to acquisition
  • Adjustable probe for precious samples
  • Scatter resolution: Resolves 0.404 µm diameter particles from background noise using forward scatter with maximum detection of up to 40 µm diameter particles

Kaluza for Gallios Acquisition Software

  • Designed for novice to expert users
  • Visual management tools to help you understand what is happening with your experiment and cytometer.
  • No user profiles or login require to run acquisition
  • Set up a 10 color experiment in seconds
  • Offline software for developing protocols
  • Simulator to view acquisition of .fcs files which is particularly valuable for training

Gallios Flow Cytometer Specifications

Detection Forward scatter: Fourier design (up to 3 measurements of forward angle), Side scatter: independently-focused photodiode with electronic attenuation, Fluorescence: FL1-FL10
Flow Cell 150 x 460 µm rectangular quartz gel coupled with 1.2 NA lens
Signal Processing Dynamic range: 20-bit date acquisition, 1,048,576-channel workstation resolution, Digital sampling rate: 40MHz, Digital accuracy: < 5% error
BioSafe Yes
Power Requirements 50/60 Hz, 100-240 VAC
Item Specifications Referenced A94299