GenePix 4100A Microarray Scanner from Molecular Devices

The sequential GenePix 4100A Microarray Scanner has all the quality, but in a price range and bench-top footprint that makes it ideal for individual lab use.


Flexibility to Explore Alternative Dyes: 

A variety of fluorophores can be used with the GenePix 4100A Microarray Scanner as its optical design incorporates up to six different user-selected emission filters.

Rely on the Results: 

The included set of calibration slides is used on a regular basis to calibrate the microarray scanner for repeatable photomultiplier tube (PMT) performance over long periods of time. In addition, Laser power is dynamically monitored during scanning to ensure constant signal output, and the Hardware Diagnostics Report keeps a record of ongoing scanner performance assessments. With these features, one can immediately identify and correct significant changes.

Optimize Settings On-The-Fly:

GenePix Pro automatically graphs a Histogram of the distribution of pixel intensities. The image and the Histogram are updated dynamically as scanning proceeds; both can be used to optimize scanner settings while scanning.

Adjust the Resolution to Application: 

The 40-micron Preview Scan is used to locate the array and optimize hardware settings, and the Data Scan for accurate quantification. The GenePix 4100A Microarray Scanner offers selectable resolution between 5 and 100 microns, just about right for the samples.