Genevac's AdVantage Pro Freeze Dryer/Lyophilizer with Intellitronics Controller

The AdVantage Pro freeze dryer with Intellitronics™ Controller now offers users the benefit of Ethernet communication and email options. Monitor your cycle from anywhere you receive email! Get the convenience of a tray dryer in a benchtop unit.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Intellitronics™ controller with a full-color, touch-screen display.  
  • Available with up to three (3) usable product drying shelves.
  • Optional pneumatic stoppering system available to stopper vials.
  • Six-liter ice condensing capacity.
  • Alarms alerts received via e-mail.
  • Ethernet enabled communications.
  • Integrated performance and leak tests.
  • Recipe customization (up to 10 Thermal Treatment and 12 Drying steps).
  • Remote access available via Remote Operator and SD Card Suite software.
  • 4 product probes

Application Examples

  • Laboratory research and development and/or small production freeze drying
  • Diagnostic kits
  • 96 well plates
  • Serum bottles and vials
  • Bulk products for analysis – plant material, organic tissue, waste products

Optional Components & Accessories

  • Ethernet Access
  • Remote Access Standard, but Configurable/Enabled by Customer
  • Stoppering
  • Side Manifold
  • Shelf Configuration
  • Latching Kit