Genevac's SuperCool 75 Condenser

The demand for a more powerful and colder condenser has naturally arisen as the boundaries of evaporation science are pushed further and further. Users increasingly regard as critical the importance of having the right condenser for the job, with the correct power and temperature profile matched to the characteristics of the evaporator.

Genevac has developed the super-powerful and super-cold SuperCool 75, in collaboration with its customers, to enhance the capabilities of the HT-12 high throughput evaporator. It has already been proven in the field to deliver enhanced evaporation and lypohilisation results.

The SuperCool 75 chills to -75 °C and operates at higher power than any other condenser, opening the door to greatly improved results with the Genevac LyoSpeed™ fast lyophilisation process for HPLC fractions. Customer trials show that with the most difficult to handle samples they can now achieve a success rate with LyoSpeed as high as 96%.

Key Features

  • Higher power than any other condenser
  • Chills to -75 °C
  • Gives greatly enhanced fast lyophilisation results
  • Small footprint
  • Developed in collaboration with customers
  • Offers huge scope
  • Proved in the field