GloMax-96 Microplate Luminometer from Promega

The GloMax®-96 Microplate Luminometer is a state-of-the-art microplate luminometer that meets the requirement for high sensitivity and broad dynamic range that is necessary for chemiluminescent and bioluminescent applications. With optional Single or Dual Auto Injectors, the GloMax®-96 is a versatile luminescence system capable of performing both flash and glow-type luminescent assays.

Superior Performance

The GloMax®-96 provides superior sensitivity and precision for all luminescent assays. Low-noise circuitry and an advanced photon-counting photomultiplier tube (PMT) provide unmatched signal-to-noise ratios. With a detection limit of 3 x 10-21 moles of luciferase, the GloMax®-96 is the most sensitive microplate luminometer available.

With its innovative detector design, the GloMax®-96 features a dynamic range of greater than nine logs. This measurement technology spans the full range of virtually all chemiluminescent and bioluminescent assays, eliminating the need to dilute samples or manage detector-driven gain changes. To achieve this extra-large reading range, the GloMax®-96 is capable of simultaneously measuring samples of varying brightness. The PMT automatically adjusts for the optimum reading of bright or dim samples. This means that the GloMax®-96 is capable of achieving 2 - 3 logs more reading range than competing luminometers.

Ease of Use

The GloMax®-96 is designed to be put into use straight from the box without the need to read a manual or obtain special training. Protocol wizards make setting up assay protocols simple while maintaining the flexibility needed for setting up advanced or custom protocols. After sample readings, the collected data is recorded directly into an Excel spreadsheet for quick and easy data analysis.