GloMax-Multi Microplate Reader from Promega

The GloMax®-Multi Microplate Multimode Reader is designed for today's life science laboratory. In addition to giving performance equivalent to that of single-mode instruments, the GloMax®-Multi blends user-friendly operation with easy data handling and flexible purchasing options. The result of this design is an instrument with superior performance that is easy to use, is affordable, and can be customized to your laboratory's needs.


The GloMax®-Multi Microplate Multimode Reader combines the superior performance expected from single-mode instruments with the functionality of multiple modes. To achieve industry-leading performance, the GloMax®-Multi is designed with optical channels dedicated to each individual technology. Unlike other multimode systems, readings taken with the GloMax®-Multi are not degraded by indirect fiber-optic transmission or crowded optical channels. Dedicated optical channeling ensures that the GloMax®-Multi provides sensitivity and dynamic range on par with that of the highest performing single-mode instruments.

Affordable Modularity

The GloMax®-Multi Microplate Multimode Reader is a modular instrument that easily fits into most budgets. Purchase the technology or modes that you need now and add onto the system later as your needs expand. For example, the GloMax®-Multi can be purchased as a luminometer, then fluorescence and/or absorbance modules can be purchased and added later. Installations take less than ten minutes and can be done right in your lab using just the Allen wrench provided with the module. In addition, after installing a new module, you will not need to download and install new software. The GloMax®-Multi instantly detects the newly installed module(s) and will automatically adjust screens, protocols, and options.