As the primary choice for pharma service technology solution, the Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory allows users to expand the boundaries of biomarker exploration and considerably speed up the timeline to drug approvals.

The Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory is a full-service center for tailored biomarker and biopharmaceutical research, clinical sample testing, custom assay development, and precision data delivery. Quanterix’s advanced facility includes a CLIA-certified lab and utilizes the power of cutting-edge Simoa® technology to accomplish research goals for more than 160 pharma and academic customers from around the world.

As the innovators of the Simoa® platform, the Accelerator Laboratory has carried out over 500 Simoa® projects and more than 100,000 samples run so far—surpassing all other labs in the world.

The team of devoted researchers at Quanterix offers the maximum depth of instrument expertise and ultra-sensitive assay development—inclusive of manufacturing—giving users immediate access to the Simoa® technology.

From expert and fast development of tailored assay kits, to the selection of the best antibody pairs, to working sample sets of any size, the Simoa® Accelerator Lab treats all projects with personalized attention to help the organization realize its research and development goals economically and efficiently.

The Simoa® Accelerator Laboratory

  • Provides the technology for single-plex and multiplex detection of nucleic acids and proteins, at ultra-sensitive levels
  • CLIA-Certified laboratory
  • Infrastructure enables scalability to deal with sample sets from one plate to thousands of samples
  • Offers the potential to use user’s exclusive antibodies/reagents, or one of Quanterix’s broad range of commercially available assays
  • Creates strong SOPs and LIMS for project/sample monitoring
  • Onsite assay development training available through an all-inclusive, four-day program
  • Provides fast turn-around with the flexibility to modify project scope

Users can make the most of Simoa® for PK/PD, safety, efficacy, and target engagement with maximum possible sensitivity.