The microcapillary flow cytometry systems are simpler to operate than traditional sheath-fluid based instruments and are far easier to maintain. They utilize small sample volumes, generate minimal waste, and have lower operating costs. As a result, guava easyCyte™ flow cytometers are uniquely amenable to on-demand use in the laboratory environment and have helped many scientists achieve insightful cellular analysis since 1998. 

The guava easyCyte™ flow cytometer is a cost-effective, benchtop system enabling multiparameter detection with minimal effort. The compact optical layout includes single blue (488 nm) excitation laser (easyCyte™ 5, 6) or dual modulated blue (488 nm) and red (640 nm) lasers (easyCyte™ 6-2L, 8). 

Expanded detection capabilities accommodate the diversity of common flow cytometry applications, providing up to six fluorescent colors, plus forward and side scatter for size and complexity determination. 

The guava easyCyte™ HT series (High Throughput) has automated 96-well plate handling built in, and a choice of optical layout. The guava easyCyte™ series is equipped with a single sample loader and has the same choice of optical layout as the guava easyCyte™ HT. 

Instrument Features

Guava easyCyte™ flow cytometry systems use novel microcapillary technology and are compact, user-friendly, and powerful enough to run your most complicated assays.

Sample handling formats for both tubes and 96-well plates:

Automated Sampling for 96-well Plates:

The guava easyCyte™ HT series enables walkaway sample handling for higher throughput assays using a built-in, automated 96-well plate loader tray, which can hold a 96-well plate as well as 10 sample tubes. To ensure that cells stay in suspension during sampling, a rotating, variable- speed mixing paddle with auto-cleaning is used between each well so there is no need for manual resuspension after loading the plate. This virtually eliminates carryover between samples and mixes more efficiently than shaking plate holder formats.

Single Sample Loading for Tubes:

For manual sample handling in a cost-effective format, we offer the guava easyCyte™ with its rotating sample tube loader. The manual loader holds two separate tubes, allowing the user to progress quickly from one sample to another, or to wash between samples following an acquisition.