HB 10 Digital Heating Bath from IKA

The digital display featured on IKA®’s heating bath HB10 offers each user a high ease of operation. The temperature control can be adjusted with a micro controller. With the help of an infrared interface, the heating bath HB 10 digital can communicate with the rotary evaporator RV 10 digital and control. Additionally, it offers three selectable operating modes. These allow for: 

  • A: clear regulation of all parameters 
  • B: a fixable safety temperature setting avoids unintentional readjustments 
  • C: fixable set- and safety temperatures 

The heating bath HB 10 digital’s key characteristics are:

  • Water- and oil heating bath for tempering of liquids
  • Heating power 1350 watts
  • Particularly suited for operation with the rotary evaporator RV 10
  • Optimized bath shape for quick heating
  • Integrated carrying handles for safe handling
  • Adjustable safety circuit, for a safe switch-off in the case of errors
  • Protection against dry running
  • High-quality recyclable materials
  • Digital display makes for easy operation
  • Temperature controlled by micro controller
  • IR interface for communication with the rotary evaporator RV 10 digital/control
  • Choice of operating modes A; B; C;