Amplify the Power of Imaging

The combination of high-resolution true confocal point scanning technology or integrated AF6000 widefield systems with the ingenious LAS AF MATRIX M3 automation software for the first time offers high content screening on research microscopes.

Run more experiments in less time and save costs. Obtain more research information and statistically relevant data.

Leica HCS A provides great flexibility for individual experiments and unbiased image acquisition. It ensures the necessary freedom demanded by high throughput research.


New experiments

Rare events such as mitosis phases can be detected via the Computer Aided Microscopy (CAM) interface and external image analysis by remote control of the imaging process.

Intelligent algorithms designed by researchers analyze images on-the-fly. The system switches automatically from fast pre-scan to high resolution scan mode and images exclusively the target cells.

Maximum flexibility for universal applications

Adjustable scanning templates allow free adoption to chamber slides, multiwell plates, and tissue array slides.

Multiple scan jobs can be assigned either to single chambers or multiple wells and provide freedom for individual experiment designs.

For efficient analysis and storage the acquired data is immediately streamed to local servers.  The Open Microscopy Environment (OME) interface simultaneously creates the link to existing image analysis solutions – independently of the platform!

Easy automation for efficient screening

Basic automation like mosaicing of tissue slides or multi well plate screening in 2D, 3D, and 4D are part of the starting packages.

Single object tracking, autofocus and automated control of water objectives ensure excellent results. Five different auto-focus algorithms are provided for confocal applications.

Maximum content with high-resolution hardware

Users have the choice among confocal three platforms for the Leica HCS A: the Leica TCS SP8 broadband confocal, the Leica TCS LSI to visualize specimen from micro to macro scale, and the Leica TCS SPE, known for ease of use and robustness.

The integrated AF6000 widefield systems provide fully automated screening with the newest generation of CCD and EM CCD cameras.