HELIC Ammonia Breath Test Reader from AMA

HELIC ABT Reader – is an innovative automatic testing device, a ready-to-use test for qualitative detection of Helicobacter pylori (H.pylori) urease activity among patients with suspected H.pyloriinfection with high accuracy and without the involvement of the laboratory.

Principle of Operation

During the patient examination two air samples are selected: before and after taking a portion of unlabelled urea 12C. If the patient is infected with Helicobacter pylori, after taking a portion of unlabelled urea 12C, the ammonia in the mouth cavity air will increase and the indicator composition in the tube will change its color from yellow to blue. The device reads and compares the color change, after that gives the result.

Components and Advantages

Automatic testing device (HELIC ABT READER) for automatic air sampling and reading the color of the indicator tube

It does not require periodical maintenance, because it doesn’t have a built-in sensitive element.
Plastic tube sealed from both sides with an indicator composition of a certain length inside (indicator tube) Checked up by longstanding clinical practice and provides a high sensitivity (95%) and specificity (97%)
Disposable mouthpiece Makes the process of testing convenient for a patient. The mouthpiece prevents flooding of the tube by saliva.
The QR code, printed on a card, is included into every batch of HELIC ABT indicator tubes. The code contains information regarding the serial number, production date and shelf-life, and also contains information about various parameters, needed for the device in order to make precise reading of indicator tubes and to provide adequate testing. Loads information for HELIC ABT Reader adjustment and for following interpretation of the results.
Software for HELIC ABT Reader, installed on a PC*

Controls the operation of the system and builds examination procedure step-by-step, allows to maintain a database and prints the examination reports.

*Computer is not included