HemoCue PDS Configuration Tool from Radiometer

The PDS Configuration Tool is provided by HemoCue to make it easier to configure primary docking stations for the HemoCue® 201 DM Systems.

The PDS Configuration Tool is not equivalent to HemoCue 201 DM - DMS Software. This is only for the configuration of Primary Docking Stations.

System requirements: Windows 7 or Windows 8 (both 32- and 64 bit versions)

The tool is downloadable in a zip file including complete documentation.

Download: HemoCue® PDS Configuration Tool

Note: When inserting port number in PDS Configuration Tool it is only possible to set up to a maximum of 32767. If higher port number is required please use the HemoCue 201 DM -DMS Software.

Do not install the PDS Configuration Tool on a computer with 32-bit operating system running HemoCue 201 DM -DMS Software.