HemoCue® HbA1c 501 System

Not available in the US

HemoCue® HbA1c 501 System is a fully automated point-of-care system that's not only easy to use, but every element - from its size to the storing and handling of cartridges - is thought through to be ideally suited for how you work.

Rigorously tested according to HemoCue principles and with automatic checks and calibration built into the system you can count on getting the right answer at the right time - every time.

Makes your whole process easier and more efficient

  • Only a few simple steps with clear instructions on screen
  • All-in-one, individually packaged cartridge kits
  • Convenient room-temperature storage up to 12 months

Ensures you’ll never have to doubt an answer at the point of care

  • Interference-free method unaffected by Hb variants
  • IFCC and NGSP certified
  • Precise, fixed calibration by factory

Provides a safe Workflow for excellent patient care

  • Automatic reading of calibration data for each test cartridge lot
  • Barcode reader for patient and operator ID available
  • Connectable