HiScan Microarray Scanner System from Illumina

The HiScan System provides unrivaled precision and the fastest scan times for Illumina's high-multiplex BeadChips. Get unmatched performance for a range of applications, including whole-genome genotyping, gene expression analysis, methylation analysis, and more. A convenient modular design allows to add high-throughput sequencing capabilities at any time as the research requirements evolve.


Designed for flexibility:

HiScanSQ allows to seamlessly move from arrays to sequencing, providing access to the widest breadth of applications available. With the flexibility to explore the genome on the specified terms, a world of opportunity emerges.

Proven performance:

HiScanSQ incorporates the proven array and sequencing technologies that Illumina’s large and established user community has come to know. Thousands of Illumina customers are publishing at unprecedented rates. And not only on human discoveries, but on non-human species as well.

One streamlined solution:

HiScanSQ is the easiest way to incorporate both into your lab—its been designed with streamlined operations in mind. Paired-end fluidics enable seamless second-read sequencing. Plug-and-play reagents reduce hands-on time. Touch-screen interface and step-by-step run setup ensure easy use. And it’s all tied together with the intuitive GenomeStudio® software suite for clear visual data analysis. Harness the power of arrays and sequencing. It’s that simple.