High Energy X-Ray Inspection System: MeVX6

High energy scanning helps inspect extremely thick and crucial parts, like those employed in the automotive, defense and aerospace industries. The MeVX6™ High Energy system from North Star Imaging (NSI) can readily scan common applications, including huge and complex assemblies, combustion chambers, rocket engines and tanks, engine blocks, nickel-based alloys, turbine blades, etc.

MeVX6™—Better penetration, better image quality

If users need to have the answers, what would be the actual result of having insufficient energy? When examining thick, dense, or bulk material, penetration can be hard with energies of 450 kV and less. Scatter, noise and artifacts of beam hardening tend to adversely affect the image fidelity. The MeVX6™ uses LINAC’s 6 MeV linear accelerator to enhance not only penetration but also the image quality.

Image Credit: North Star Imaging, Inc.

Image Credit: North Star Imaging, Inc.

With six million electron volts coupled with the proprietary scatter reduction technology, NSI’s MeVX6™ has the power to get through even the hardest parts. As shown in the Turbo Pump in the following image, the extra penetration considerably decreases artifacts.

The reduction of such artifacts enables improved detection of defects, the surfacing of volumetric data for nominal comparisons, and geometrical representations of part features.

Image Credit: North Star Imaging, Inc.

Image Credit: North Star Imaging, Inc.

Users can precisely represent the true data of users through the MeVX6™. They can eliminate the doubtful interpretation and gain a better understanding of more improved data. They can boost measurement precision, feature clarity, and the overall quality of images with higher penetration power.

NSI’s Inspection Services Group offers live X-ray inspection and CT scanning services to both quality managers and engineers, who need to confirm the integrity of internal components.

The 'inside view' created by NSI’s team is unprecedented in the industry because the company has the most sophisticated equipment laboratory with the most highly trained personnel on the continent.

For critical needs and rapid results, customers can call NSI’s Inspection Service Group.