High-Performance Benchtop FT-NMR Spectrometer from Bruker

Bruker’s Fourier 80 MHz high-performance nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometer is a benchtop instrument.

Easy to Install

The Fourier 80 FT-NMR has been engineered for the standard laboratory. Its cryogen-free magnet design makes NMR accessible in the laboratory where operators and users work.

The instrument can be set up in the fume hood or on the bench without the necessity for new infrastructure, thus offering easy maintenance and marginal cost of ownership. The benchtop’s performance, coupled with the intuitive software, enables any laboratory to integrate the definitive analytical answers that only NMR can offer.

Easy to Use

The Fourier 80 FT-NMR includes GoScan™, a recently created modern interface that guides users through pre-defined, exclusive workflows. Amateur NMR users can utilize the pre-defined data acquisition choices in the GoScan software, or tailor them. Expert users can use Bruker’s industry-standard TopSpin™ software for more comprehensive acquisition parameters.

Easy to Do More

The Fourier 80 FT-NMR has been engineered for maximum stability and data quality at 80 MHz, with outstanding resolution, lineshape, and sensitivity in 80 MHz homonuclear 1H or heteronuclear 1H/13C FT-NMR experiments. It works based on Bruker’s TopSpin™ software, offering users access to the wide-ranging TopSpin library of 1D and 2D homonuclear and proton-carbon heteronuclear experiments and pulse programs.

Workflows for Specific Analytical Questions

The Fourier comes with protocols and workflows to cater to four particular markets:

Academic and Research: In university laboratories, the use of hands-on Fourier prevents frustration to scientists caused by access bottlenecks and barriers, and progresses their work at the click of a button.

Education: The Fourier EduLab does not need new infrastructure and has low maintenance costs, enabling more students to access it directly in the lab for training. Moreover, it requires no special preparation for extended breaks or holidays—operators can just shut it down.

Forensics: NMR offers data with a high degree of accuracy in the shortest time period. Furthermore, the Fourier CrimeLab makes NMR an accessible, day-to-day tool for forensics.

Synthesis control: In industrial, academic, and pharmaceutical labs, chemists need to verify the success of synthesis steps to create high-quality final products. Fourier ChemLab offers unrivaled structural information related to intermediate compounds, and educts or side products, which might have an impact on the subsequent synthesis step.

Fourier Benchtop NMR: Interview Product Manager