OHAUS Starter 5000 pH Bench is a high-performance benchtop pH meter best suited for accurately performing day-to-day measurements in the lab.

The Starter 5000 pH Bench is founded on OHAUS’ century-old dedication toward enabling accurate measurement. Thus, the pH meter offers accurate oxidation-reduction potential (ORP) and pH measurement for research work and high-level experiments. The combination of high performance, sophisticated technology, and improved features support complex laboratory tasks that necessitate the measurement of pH.

Features of Starter 5000 pH Bench

OHAUS Starter 5000 pH Bench

The pH Bench includes a library of 1000 items, thus enabling easy recall from data storage. Flexible analysis of pH is ensured by 1 self-defined and 8 predefined buffer groups, 10 sensors for calibration storage, GLP mode, and 3 endpoint modes.

OHAUS Starter 5000 pH Bench

The Starter 5000 pH Bench is an easy-to-use bench meter with a novel design, which includes a backlit liquid crystal display (LCD), a large touchscreen, and an adjustable standalone electrode holder.

OHAUS Starter 5000 pH Bench

This smooth-operating and flexible bench meter features an in-use cover, a USB port, and IP54 housing, thus enabling long-lasting operation.

Starter 5000 pH Bench Product Details

Applications — Measurement of ORP and pH

Display — Touchscreen and backlit LCD display

Operation — AC adapter (incorporated)

Communication — USB and RS232 (incorporated); GLP/GMP data output with real-time clock

Construction — ABS housing, replaceable in-use cover, and standalone electrode holder

Design features — Continuous measurement mode, 3 endpoint modes, 1000 measurement memory, and up to 9-point calibration

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