High-Performance Stopped-Flow Accessory - RX2000

Stopped-flow spectroscopy using the RX2000 allows researchers to study kinetic reactions that are a thousand times faster than reactions studied using standard techniques. The RX2000 is a high performance accessory designed specifically for stopped-flow.

The RX2000 can be fitted to a broad range of flurometers and UV-Vis spectrometers, and its inert structure and robust casing ensures a long lifetime.

  • Samples are used economically with good data produced using only 120 μL
  • The instrument can achieve 8 ms dead times, allowing reactions to be observed on a 10 ms time scale
  • Temperature control allows reactions to be ran between 0-60 °C and control is achieved through drives and a digital display
  • Simultaneous driving of differently sized syringes allows asymmetric mixing ratios between 1:1 and 1:10 to be achieved