High-Speed Digital Microscope from Dolomite

The Dolomite High-Speed Digital Microscope greatly simplifies microfluidic imaging with its short exposure time, high resolution, coaxial light, long working distance and a convenient stage that securely mounts microfluidic devices such as chips. The Dolomite High-Speed Digital Microscope is very easy to use and is built for observing droplets even during high speed production.

The microscope offers high resolution and contrast optics, and comes with a high speed camera. The stage is specifically designed to hold microfluidic equipment, and offers plenty of working distance for convenience.


Features and Benefits

  • High quality optics with high resolution imaging for clear visualization of microfluidic experiments
  • High power LED coaxial illumination for minimal exposure time
  • Exposure time down to 0.05 ms for imaging of droplets, particles or cells flowing at kHz rates
  • Maximum frame rate: 4100 fps at 160 x 96
  • Capture high frame rate videos of microfluidic events
  • Light brightness adjustment with the option for diffused light with the reversible mirror
  • Extra long working distance for use with difficult to reach regions of interest
  • Zoom function for viewing of features from the mm to µm scale
  • Convenient stage that securely holds a wide range of microfluidic devices
  • Compatible with the Meros TCU-100 (Part No. 3200428)  and Meros TCU-125 (Part No. 3200480) for imaging and temperature control of the microfluidic device
  • Can be controlled via our free Flow Control Centre Software
  • Reliable and easy to use