SP Scientific’s HistoChill™ low-temperature bath is refrigerated mechanically to an extremely low temperature of −80 °C. The mechanical refrigeration eliminates the need for storing, crushing, and dealing with dangerous and costly dry ice.

It is employed for the quick freezing of tissue samples in histology and pathology labs, as well as in other fields. The HistoChill™ uses a liquid medium to freeze samples quickly and completely, reducing ice crystal formation when compared to the slow freezing rates seen in a cryotome.

The HistoChill™ comes in two configurations: the basic HistoChill™ for common freezing applications and the sophisticated model with an integrated magnetic stirrer and temperature control for more rigorous, tissue-specific, or R&D applications. The sophisticated model consists of digital setpoint and temperature indication.

Key Features

  • Frost reduction loop
  • Mechanically refrigerated
  • Runs on standard 120 V or 220 V power sources
  • Pivoted and insulated chamber lid
  • Tabletop design with small footprint

Key Benefits

  • Fast freezing reduces ice crystal formation, rendering microscopic examination of the sample more accurate
  • Fast freezing of tissue samples (within a few seconds) increases lab throughput
  • The accumulation of frost is decreased during the introduction and extraction of samples from the bath through a warming loop on the upper exterior wall of the refrigeration chamber
  • Pivoted and insulated lid offers easy access to the bath
  • Reduces costs and risks related to expendable refrigerants
  • Liquid medium improves temperature uniformity and stability of the specimen


  • Tissue freezing
  • Snap freezing
  • Freezing biological