Huron Image Manager Solution for Digital Pathology

Huron Image Manager is a powerful server solution for digital pathology. Lean to deploy and easy to use, the Image Manager completes the digital pathology workflow by connecting users with digital slide images.

Huron Image Manager is comprised of three components:

  • an Image Server specifically designed and optimized for digital pathology, supporting image formats unique to the industry
  • a Web Server that works with the Image Server for an intuitive, flexible user interface
  • an HTML5 Web Viewer


  • Zero footprint web viewer – no client software required
  • Compatible with all major Windows/Mac browers
  • Annotations including measurements
  • Directlink™ image sharing
  • Data secured through User Credential Verification
  • Supports major file formats in digital pathology

Optimized Viewing and Sharing Experience

  • Smoothly view images in-browser using HTML5 viewer
  • Navigate using the Slide Thumbnail
  • Select the desired maginification with reference to scale
  • Annotate and measure extensively
  • Instantly share views and collaborate with DirectLink™

Flexible Content Organization

  • Organize content based on your needs
  • Thumbnail preview images for easy navigation
  • Create folders and import images directly from the web client computer

TissueScope/Huron Image Manager Setup Configuration

System Requirements:

  • Dual Core i3/i5 Processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • Windows Server 2012 R2