The IKA C-Mag HS 7 Control is designed with a ceramic, square-shaped top. It can stir volumes of up to 20 liters (H2O) and can run at a speed ranging from 50 to 1,500 rpm. IKA guarantees their trust in this product and the technology used to create it by giving the user a lifetime warranty upon purchase, and helping scientists to fully concentrate in the laboratory by having a trustworthy hotplate stirrer.

IKA has not only chosen the hardened glass design due to chemical resistance, safety, and visibility, the company also selected the design to visually enhance the product; creating a magnetic stirrer with a glass surface.

The C-Mag HS 7 Control is constantly improving due to regular firmware updates. The control of sensitive reactions and kinetics are helped by the combined timer and counter function. The IKA SmartTemp® function allows the user to control the temperature easily. A PT1000 temperature sensor is also included.