IKKII Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer from Z-SC1 Biomedical

With the TwinCore we introduced the Safest Ultra Low Temperature Freezer in the market and it has been selling out ever since.

We understand there are many professionals needing a freezer as safe as a Twincore but more affordable. For this reason we introduced the IKKII, its democratized version which features the same freezing technology that sustains the Twincore as the safest ULT but without the WizBox. Instead it features a very intuitive control panel.

What is IKKII

As a North American company, and based in Montreal, we wanted to honor our roots and name our new machine with a word taken from the Inuit language.

Inuit describes the various groups of indigenous peoples who live throughout Inuit Nunangat, that is the Inuvialuit settlement region of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut of northern Canada, Nunavik in Quebec and Nunatsiavut in Labrador.

The traditional lifestyle of the Inuit is adapted to extreme climatic conditions: Supreme Cold.

IKKII, the safest ultra-low temperature freezer, is the new work horse in the industry.