The IMMULITE® 1000 system provides proven reliability year after year. An extensive menu, ease of use, robust hardware and excellent assay performance makes this system a great choice for the small-medium size lab. You can monitor onboard reagents and dilutions, positive sample identification, and Remote Diagnostics.

  • Throughput of up to 120 tests/hour
  • Quick, 5 minute daily maintenance
  • Extensive menu of more than 75* assays
  • Proven reliability
  • Award-winning service and support
  • Benchtop system

Key features of the IMMULITE® 1000 Immunoassay System

Reliable Performance

Maintains the strong features of IMMULITE: extensive menu, ease of use, reliable and robust hardware, and excellent assay performance.

Comprehensive Menu

The menu on the IMMULITE 1000 provides an opportunity for true consolidation of all tests for a given patient on one analyzer, resulting in cost savings and laboratory efficiency.

True Random Access Capability

Any test or combination of tests can be run on the IMMULITE 1000 at any time. Samples can be continuously processed for improved turnaround times. STAT samples can also be added easily whenever required so that the processing time is kept to a minimum.

Consolidated Footprint

Computer, keyboard, monitor, and built-in probe wash and water are containers integrated into the system for reduced system footprint.

Windows-Based Software

State-of-the art, icon-driven Microsoft Windows® software designed for intuitive, minimal user interaction; operation via touch screen, trackball or keyboard. Excellent QC package with online QC tracking and trending (Levey–Jennings plot). Flexible and customizable patient reports. Multilingual support for six languages.

Onboard Dilutions

Ability to perform onboard dilutions for infectious disease and other selected prediluted assays, as well as hCG.

After-Sales Service

We are proud to supply all our customers with after-sales service that they can rely on. We are committed through our Quality Standards to support our customers in every way possible and we continually strive to improve the service and support we offer.

Positive Sample ID

Modified sample cup holder allows  running a barcoded secondary microtube on board for positive secondary sample identification.

Remote Diagnostics

This feature provides customers with enhanced support and troubleshooting assistance that can reduce the downtime of the system.

Easy-to-Use Design

The benchtop design can easily be incorporated into any laboratory area. The software has been developed to maximize the flexibility and productivity of the laboratory.