The ImagiX is a universal microCT and nanoCT system designed for the scanning of small objects. The system can handle objects sized from 0.02’’ (0.5mm) to 6’’ (150mm) and perform an automatic 3D Computed Tomography reconstruction with state of the art software.

With its Submicron maximum resolution and multiscale capabilities, ImagiX is the perfect CT system for laboratories and R&D applications. ImagiX can be used for Digital X-ray inspection as well.

This system is an affordable solution for Computed Tomography (CT) analysis and 3D reverse engineering of small samples.


System Capabilities
Advanced 2D X-ray inspection
2D CT Slice reconstruction
CT volume reconstruction for 3D inspection
3D internal and external surface scanning

CT Software
Comprehensive acquisition, processing and archival program with user-friendly interface
Automated CT calibration software
Very fast reconstruction software with option for Graphic Card based algorithm.
Local CT and Limited angle CT reconstruction capabilities
3D visualization module with real-time volume rendering, density segmentation, and high performance measurements
3D surface model export for CAD compatibility
Multiple image formats input/output