ImpressiOn Semi-Automatic Sealer for SBS Tube Racks

Ziath has introduced the ImpressiOn semi-automatic sealing mat applicator or septum cap specifically designed for SBS format tube racks.

Key features

  • Rapid operation
  • Reproducible sealing resukts with no risk of strain injury
  • Electronic system; does not require air
  • Friction-sealing caps or mats can be applied to SBS format tube racks or microplates

Easy to set-up and easy to use

Ziath’s latest ImpressiOn semi-automatic sealer has been developed to eliminate the strain of applying septum-sealing caps or friction-sealing mats to SBS format tube racks. Users can just place their plate or rack with its associated friction mat or septum cap web within the drawer and shut it firmly by pushing.

Sealing can be initiated with the large and glove-friendly start button, and the advanced electronics take over by applying reproducible and uniform pressure each time to push the septum seals down into every tube.

Ziath ImpressiOn semi-automatic sealer

Image Credit: Ziath.

The ImpressiOn semi-automatic sealer repeatedly does the hard work for users. It is faster, more reproducible, and less likely to cause strain injuries than users attempting to do this manually.

The unit is compact and only needs a 110 V or 220 V power supply to function. It is small enough to be placed on most laboratory benches.

The ImpressiOn semi-automatic sealer will function with a majority of the septum cap mats available on the market, as well as with 2D-coded and uncoded tubes available from different manufacturers. Both septum and friction seals meant for 24-, 48-, and 96- tube plates have been demonstrated to operate well in the ImpressiOn semi-automatic sealer.