I8M-60 incinerator is specially designed for medical waste. This model is a controlled air incinerator, providing optimal combustion conditions for different waste types. Front loading design provides liquid retention making this incinerator ideal for incineration of many different waste types. This unit benefits from a secondary chamber with afterburner for the re-burn of harmful emissions with a 2 second retention time. The I8M-60 is supplied fully installed, with a fuel tank and piping included.

Emission Data

Average emissions / EU standards On basic incinerators (with secondary chamber)

Parameter Limits
(1/2 hr av)
Total dust 30 mg/m3 12 mg/m3
Sulphur dioxide 200 mg/m3 2,4 mg/m3
Nitrogen dioxide* 400 mg/m3 60 mg/m3
Carbon monoxide 100 mg/m3 78,3 mg/m3

Typical Medical Waste Applications

Technical Specs

Operational Specs Physical Specs
Combustion Chamber Volume (m3) 0.57m3 External Length (mm) 2120mm
Burn Rate*
up to 60kg per hour
External Width (mm) 1250mm
Average Fuel Consumption 21 kg per hour External Height (mm) 3840mm
Operational Temperature 850 - 1320°C Shipping Weight 1850kg
Gas Retention in Secondary Chamber 2 secs    
Temperature Monitoring Yes    
Average ash residue (%) 3%    
Thermostatic Device Yes    

*Subject to calorific value of waste stream. For reference only, not to be used for installation purposes.