InjectMan NI 2 Micromanipulator from Eppendorf

Menu-controlled, programmable micromanipulator, especially suitable for microinjection in adherent cells. The electronic connection of the InjectMan NI 2 and the FemtoJet guarantees a very rapid and safe microinjection into adherent cells. The "semi-automatic" microinjection allows a coordinated process of manipulation and injection. First the injection parameter has to be set at the FemtoJet. As a second step the injection level has to be fixed via push button at the InjectMan NI 2.

The exact axial injection movement ensures a minimum mortality rate. A high speed facilitates the penetration of rigid structures.


  • Integrated coarse and fine manipulator with dynamic control via central joystick
  • Work range: 20 mm per axis
  • Automated axial injection movement
  • Programmable Z axis limit at defined injection level in order to avoid capillary breakage
  • Automated Home function for rapid capillary exchange
  • Adjustable injection angle and injection speed for different injection processes
  • Adjustable injection angle for complex injection processes
  • Axial mounting of Z-module
  • Special Inject mode for applicationen in the development biology
  • Comfortable fine adjustment of work speed with positioning wheel
  • Menue controlled programming via display
  • Save and download user profiles
  • External control for automatic processes