InnoScan 710IR Microarray Scanner from Arrayit

Arrayit offers the InnoScan 710 and 710AL, the world’s latest next generation microarray scanners with greater sensitivity and lower background, proprietary rotary motion control, dynamic auto-focusing, 2-color fluorescence detection, 3 µm scan resolution, 3 minute scan times and complete software. The new infrared 710IR and 710IRAL enable infrared microarray detection.

Product description

  • Latest next generation microarray scanning technology
  • Fastest and most compact microarray scanners available
  • Proprietary rotary scanning architecture permits the fastest scanning speeds
  • 3 minutes to scan an entire 25 x 76 mm substrate slide
  • Scan 24 substrate slides in 100 minutes using the 710AL
  • Adjustable scan resolution from 3 µm to 40 µm
  • Ideal for both in situ and ex situ microarrays
  • 710 and 710AL detect 532 nm (cyanine 3) and 635 nm (cyanine 5)
  • 710IR and 710IRAL detect 685 nm (cyanine 5.5) and 785 nm (infrared dye)
  • Compatible IR dyes: IRDye 800 RS (Li-Cor), DyLight 800 (Pierce) and Alexa Fluor 790 (Invitrogen)
  • Rotary scanning architecture reduces vibrational noise and increases image quality
  • Much greater reliability and longevity than conventional raster scanners
  • High resolution acquisition system: scans spot sizes down to 30 µm diameter
  • Real-time image acquisition for all microarray types including but not limited to in-situ high density glass slide microarrays, spotted microarrays of all kinds, tissue and cell microarrays
  • Low background noise and high sensitivity system
  • Uniform scanning across the entire microarray surface regardless of substrate type (glass, membrane and plastic)
  • Not sensitive to shocks, vibrations and slide deformation (portable)
  • Delivered with Mapix® software: an easy to use data acquisition and image analysis software including automatic spot recognition and powerful image analysis
  • Software for various OS environments (Linux, Windows )
  • Ethernet interface allows easy data sharing (scanner can be shared over network by several users)
  • Affordable price, low maintenance
  • Lightweight, robust structure makes it portable system
  • Small footprint for laboratory space saving
  • Weight: 15 kg