InnoScan 900 Microarray Scanner from Innopsys

Suitable for reading high density microarrays, InnoScan 900 has the highest resolution and reading speed on the market. Characterized by simplicity of use and two-colour reading quality, it is the ideal tool for reading current and future high-density microarrays


Characterized by simplicity of use, its competitive price and superior image quality, the InnoScan 900 is the ideal tool for using most high density microarrays currently available on the market.

High resolution : 

InnoScan 900 is a high resolution 2-colour fluorescence scanner. It is capable of reading microarrays at a very high image quality with a resolution of 1 µm/pixel.

Speed : 

Capable of simultaneously reading 2 detection channels in 3.5 minutes (at 10 μm/pixel, maximum reading area); lnnoScan 900 is the fastest scanner on the market with a sweep speed adjustable from 10 to 35 lines per second.

Reliable and traceable results : 

With a bar code reader, InnoScan 900 provides accurate control of acquired images. InnoScan 900 is supplied with a validation slide and proprietary Mapix software which verifies scanner performance.  

Given the size of the images obtained (5.74 GB to read an entire slide at 1 µm resolution), Mapix image analysis software has been specially designed to handle large files.