Innovative Analytical Balance with the Highest Measurement Accuracy

Novel solutions used in SYNERGY LAB analytical balances ensure excellent accuracy of next-generation measuring equipment.

The Best Possible Repeatability and USP Regulations Conformity

The optimum weighing repeatability and accuracy—with sd ≤ 1d together with USP regulations conformity (Section 41 and 1251)—make 4Y balances a new benchmark for mass measurement quality.

Innovative 2-Point Adjustment System

The most advanced adjustment system ensures maximum measurement precision. At the same time, it reduces linearity errors, offering consistent indications for the entire weighing range.

Reflex Level System

The XA 4Y.A PLUS analytical balance includes a new auto-leveling system that ensures:

  • Control of the right balance level
  • Automatic balance leveling
  • Ground tilt test
  • Confirmation of the right balance level on both adjustment and weighing reports

Door Opening Automation

The new weighing chamber system, meant for closing and opening the door, ensures a quiet and smooth movement of the door. It also eliminates vibrations that may disrupt the measurement. The solution allows users to define how wide they want the door to be opened.

Antistatic Weighing Chamber

The XA 4Y.A PLUS microbalance is a sophisticated device that removes the effect of electrostatics onto the weighing results. This can be attributed to the use of a unique antistatic coating of the glass panes as well as an in-built ionizer.

This ionizer offsets the electric charge inside the weighing chamber when a sample is placed in it. The effect of the static electricity becomes more evident when the relative humidity and the reading unit of the balance are lower.

The in-built ionizer also offsets any uncompensated electric charge that builds up on the weighed object. The effect of the static electricity results in greater repeatability error, and also in greater error of indication.

Measurement errors, caused by the detrimental effects of electrostatics, usually reach the value of thousands of reading units and more. The issue concerns non-conductive samples, for example, plastics, paper filters, glass flasks, etc.

Thanks to the use of the latest technology, the antistatic ionizer used in the XA 4Y.A PLUS balances compensates both anions and cations. The in-built ionizer activates and deactivates when the balance door is opened and closed, respectively. The operation of the ionizer can be controlled using a weighing instrument panel. This operation is indicated by a blue LED diode that produces light when the ionizer is on.

Smart Min Weight

The XA 4Y.A PLUS analytical balance makes use of the “Smart Min Weight” function to automatically adjust the resolution of the range to the presently weighed mass. This improves the minimum weight parameter of the sample by 30%.

Warnings System

When the sensors, intended for continuous monitoring of ambient conditions and level status record deviations, the balance shows warnings about the occurrence of potential errors during weighing.

21 CFR Part 11 Compliance Module

The XA 4Y.A PLUS balances comply with 21 CFR part 11 and EU GMP part 4, annex 11. This implies that the XA 4Y series includes various functions for protecting and tracking the work results of specific operators. Complete data protection is guaranteed by:

  • Verification of log-in operation correctness
  • Advanced password settings
  • Auto log out
  • Assigning permissions to operators
  • Electronic signature, for example, for a series of measurements
  • Data backup
  • Denying or granting access to data management
  • Saving modifications to Audit Trail file

Faster Measurement with the New CPU

The XA 4Y.A PLUS balances include Dual Core 2 x 1 GHz processor that offers remarkable performance improvements, such as shorter stabilization time and faster operation, retaining high repeatability values.

16 GB RAM—More Data Management Possibilities

A 16 GB RAM makes it possible to record data in the form of advanced reports. Another useful option is the time and statistic data diagrams on a series of weights.

Ergonomic Mechanical Design

The weighing chamber components are fastened by a latch-type system, enabling simple and quick assembly/disassembly without the need for tools. This feature allows the chamber to be kept clean, and also enables easy installation of a manual adapter for pipettes calibration.

Equalization of pressures is carried out by a smart system that ensures stable measurement. It also avoids errors caused by rapid variations in pressure within the weighing chamber.

The option to use a LED diode to light up the weighing pan is a true innovation. The diode does not have any impact on the temperature of the weighing chamber.

Mobile Control

The XA 4Y.A PLUS analytical balance is provided with a standard wireless connection, which enables data to be sent from the balance to a mobile iOS or Android device through exclusive data management apps. Wireless communication between the weighing instrument and the indicator allows the 4Y balance to be operated within fume cupboards and laminar flow hoods.

Data Safety

All balances in the 4Y series are provided with an internal ALIBI memory that ensures safety and enables the measurements to be recorded automatically. The memory also allows preview, copying, and archiving of data.

Defined Profiles

Four preset profiles allow the balance parameters to be automatically customized:

  • FAST—the measurement result can be acquired within a very short time
  • FAST DOSING—the balance responds quickly to changes in mass, which is specifically useful for dosing or adding more product to the dispensed portion
  • PRECISION—the settings of the balance offer the minimum standard deviation of sd ≤ 0.01
  • USER—the parameters can be customized based on the needs of the operator