Innovative Semi-Automatic Tube Selector from Ziath

Ziath offers a novel semi-automatic tube selector called Mohawk, that works with a linear bar-code reader and 96 individually-controlled pins. The pins are used to raise from 1 to 16 rubes when an SBS-format 96-position  a tube whenever the rack is scanned in accordance with a pre-selected picklist.

Mohawk is more cost-effective and its technology is faster than using slow robotic picking systems, which can take several minutes to process a rack. The tubes for picking can be selected from stored Excel picklists or alternatively, a rack can be placed and tubes can be chose manually for picking in seconds.

By integrating with Ziath scanners, the Mohawk tube selector creates and validates a report of the picked racks and destination rack ath the end of the process, highlighting any incorrect tubes.

96 Firing Pins

Mohawk contains 96 pins, which fire up on command to choose tubes from a predefined worklist. Users can simply place the rack on the Mohawk tube selector and read the rack barcode, while the chosen pins fire up to present the required tubes,  or manually select individual tubes for picking from the simple Mohawk software.

Innovative Semi-Automatic Tube Selector from Ziath

Intuitive Software

The Mohawk comes with intuitive software to power the  tube selector and guide users through the picking process. Thus, it reports on progress and presents a completed report aty the end of the each worklist.

Innovative Semi-Automatic Tube Selector from Ziath

Demonstration Video

Introducing the Ziath Mohawk Semi-Automated Tube Picker