Connect your lab automation today and get your Introspect dashboards with real data on instrument uptime, consumables consumption and run success rates.

Are you tracking productivity with manually maintained spreadsheets? Introspect completely replaces these tools, it automatically gathers instrument runtime, consumables usage, error rates and more directly from your Freedom EVO® or Fluent® systems. What makes Introspect even more powerful is that you can also upload historical and archived instrument data which allows you to study the past today and shape the future by making the most informed decisions possible.

Understand your instrument usage and availability with the easy and secure cloud-based reporting and analysis service. Connect one or more instruments and view your Introspect dashboards on a web-browser anywhere!

With all of this data readily available, you will be empowered to manage numerous instruments on-site and even across multiple locations. Whether you are tasked with ensuring business continuity or just placing your next order of tips—Introspect is the tool for you.

Introspect™ Software helps you keep track of what's happening with your liquid handling instruments.

Have a look on how Introspect helps you keep track of what’s happening with your liquid handling instruments.