Junior LB 9509 Portable Tube Luminometer from Berthold

Junior is a small portable tube luminometer designed for all common applications using glow-type bioluminescent and chemiluminescent reagents. It can be used in a number of diverse fields of application including

  • biomedical research
  • clinical diagnostics
  • hygiene monitoring
  • process control in biotech
  • environmental monitoring of water quality

Excellent performance, its small size and low weight paired with battery operation make the Junior a highly versatile instrument which can be used in any location – the laboratory, on site or outdoors.



The detection unit of the Junior consists of a state-of-the art ultra fast single photon counting photomultiplier with low noise. For demanding applications a “high sensitivity” model with a specifically selected ultra low noise detector is available driving the detection limit down to less than 50 amol ATP.

Dynamic Range

Berthold Technologies single photon counting electronics and selected photomultiplier tubes with low noise and high saturation level ensure a wide dynamic range. The user will benefit by being able to measure low signals as well as high ones without the need to change any settings.


A stringent selection of detectors ensures a neglectable day-to-day variation of instruments, thus providing a high reliability of the measurements.


The unique design of the measuring chamber allows the use of a variety of different sample tubes and sizes. Besides the traditional lumi vials, micro centrifuge tubes (Eppendorf cups) and capped 4 mL vials can be used.