Jupiter Autoclavable R&D Fermenter from Solaris

The Jupiter fermenter is the ideal solution for all necessities in the field of research, teaching and little scale production due to their flexibility and simplicity in use. The flexibility is guaranteed by a broad range of alternatives which give the client the opportunity to customise the fermenter according to his needs and requirements.

Autoclavable or in situ sterilisable, with mechanic or magnetic agitation, electric thermostatting or hot water recirculation loop, for bacteria or cell cultures, batch or continuous, different automatization and process control grade, wide possibility of sensors installation.


  • 1 TMFC in the entry model. Gas mixing: up to 5 TMFC (Air, CO2, N2, O2 and Overlay).
  • 18.5” touch display
  • Leonardo: smart controller designed to provide an high level of automated management of the fermentation processes. Remote Control, 100% assistance from our office
  • Up to 4 vessels managed with one station
  • N.4 assignable peristaltic pumps, all speed controlled
  • Compact master control station.
  • Universal power supply 100-240 V. Rear module with 3 removable technical trays (power, control, process) to facilitate the after sales service
  • Weight control through load cells as optional
  • Sterile multiple sampling system