Kinetic Evaluation's Esprit for High Throughput SPR Experiments

The Esprit is designed for high throughput SPR experiments. The automation allows reproducible measurements with the possibility to analyze up to 192 samples without user intervention. The double channel reference measurement can be used to correct for systematic experimental errors and/or modified surfaces matrix effects.


The Autosampler is controlled by the liquid handling tools in the data acquisition software. Samples are taken from the microwell plate and directly injected into the cuvette. The automatic control allows the user to run measurements continuously with controllable flow in the cuvette. There are two types of cuvettes, one for lifescience and diagnostics and another for biosensors and chemistry applications.


The cuvette makes recovery of samples part of the advantages of the design. It enables easy flow control and fixed sample volumes for every measurement time scale.

Key Features

Measuring principle Scanning angle SPR
Sampling rate 76 Hz
Angle range 4,000 m°
Wavelength 670 nm
Angle resolution <0.02 m°
RI range 1.26-1.38
Throughput Double channel
Detection limit 180D
Ka 103-107 M-1s-1
Kd 10-5-10-1 s-1
KD 104-1010 M-1
Concentration range 10-11-10-3 M
Sample recovery by design
Sensor disk gold coated