LUMIstar Omega Microplate Luminometer from BMG Labtech

The dedicated DLReady® certified microplate luminometer LUMIstar Omega provides highly sensitive reading of flash and glow luminescence assays and versatility through onboard "smart" injectors, a built-in filter wheel, shaking, incubation up to 60°C, as well as a gas vent connection to support all major types of cell based assays.

For BRET applications, even Simultaneous Dual Emission detection is possible. Part of the Omega microplate reader series, the LUMIstar Omega also has these outstanding features:


  • Onboard "smart" injectors dispense reagents and initiate kinetic events
  • Upgradeable to FLUOstar Omega or POLARstar Omega with UV/Vis spectrometer
  • Template manager for transferring standards, building complex data processing protocols and using default templates
  • Versatile kinetic software features for endpoint, long-term and fast kinetic measurements
  • Real-time kinetic monitoring
  • Built-in filter wheel for color discrimination assays
  • Plate capacity up to 384-well
  • "QuickStart" mode allows users to read plates with just 3 mouse clicks
  • Impressive well-scanning feature allows cell-based assays to be performed with ease
  • Expanded temperature control up to 65°C
  • Unique gas control capabilities using the microprocessor controlled ACU or purge gas vent
  • Stacker and robot compatibility