Laboratory Sample Management Software

Ziath has developed a new laboratory sample management tool called Samples. This software allows users to organize their sample storage inventory.

The Samples software contains an array of features that allow users to search and store sample data in a fast, safe, and easy manner.

  • Ziath’s programmers can add custom features according to users’ specifications. The potential to add these features allows the company to customize the software as per the exact requirements of users.
  • The Samples software comes with fully editable set-up parameters that allow it to be configured according to specific requirements of all storage facilities and laboratories.
  • The intuitive import tools of the Samples software allow existing sample inventories to be integrated with new data. This enables the Samples software to easily integrate both new and existing samples into the same database.

Key Features

Data can be Input Easily

The Samples software provides users three options to enter the data. These options depend on laboratory set-up and user preference.

  • Users may prefer to enter the sample data manually. The intuitive user interface of the Samples software makes it easy to add individual samples to the database.
  • The Samples software also allows users to effortlessly import sample information from existing records in a text file format or Excel spreadsheet. Ziath’s Import Wizard makes sure that the imported data is compatible, so that legacy data can be added in a simple and easy manner.
  • With the help of Ziath’s DataPaq™ barcode readers, users can rapidly scan containers and samples. The Samples software can be used to manage these instruments, enabling data to be directly imported upon scanning.

Laboratory Sample Management Software

Custom Tracking Tags and Sample Types can be Created

Tracking Tags enable users to associate completely searchable data with their samples. With the help of the Samples software, users can easily add an infinite number of tags to illustrate their samples using an array of descriptors, such as dates, quantities, free text, and multiple-choice formats.

Tracking Tags can be made compulsory, as this would allow users to consistently provide the required information when logging in samples. In addition, users can link to other documents, enabling easy access to regulatory or safety datasheets.

Ziath’s Sample Types labeling feature offers another method to assign searchable data to samples. Sample Types can be utilized for several different applications. One example is to enable differentiation between samples used in Laboratory A or those used in Laboratory B. Every Sample Type can be given its own Tracking Tags, and color labels can also be applied to enable rapid identification of samples.

Laboratory Sample Management Software

Define unlimited tracking tags to describe sample contents (above) and define sample types to allow easy recognition of specific samples (below).

Laboratory Sample Management Software

Containers can be Customized

The Samples software enables users to manually define the shape and size of their sample containers. Users can even use dimensionless containers. Six completely editable levels of container storage site enable users to customize their database according to the unique set-up of their laboratory.

Samples can be Searched Easily

The Samples software enables users to effortlessly change between viewing separate container layouts in Container View, or as a list of samples and containers in Inventory View. This makes it convenient to manually observe the sample and container data.

Laboratory Sample Management Software

Completely customize the location information for your containers and samples.

Laboratory Sample Management Software

Laboratory Sample Management Software

Inventory view (top) and container view (bottom) screens make visualizing container contents simple.

Multi-parameter searching enables users to integrate search terms to find particular samples. The Samples software makes it easy for users to search against the Sample Type and Tracking Tag entries, date records, location, or keywords to locate the samples they are searching for. In addition, the software allows users to save regularly used searches and tailor them for an upcoming application.

Laboratory Sample Management Software

Users can Keep Track of Their Samples

Individual and global sample audit trails enable users and administrators to track their samples. This ensures that all the actions that had been taken are on record. Whenever samples are returned to or removed from physical storage locations, they can be checked in and checked out. This procedure is tracked to individual users so that they know which person has those valuable samples.

Data Should Never be Lost

Ziath’s Archive function retains sample data even when a container has been permanently removed from storage. This ensures that users always have access to historical data. Furthermore, the backup of all data stored using the Samples software can be regularly and automatically performed to make sure that users’ sample data always remains safe.

Developing the Right Solutions for Users

  • The Samples software can be installed on a computer using Ziath’s “fixed” license option. For networked operations, the company also provides a “floating” license solution. “Multi-database” set-up is another option that offers individual users with their own, fully separate, database.
  • If users require more features from the software, Ziath can develop a package that is customized to their specific requirements.
  • All configuration options are offered at a low one-off purchase price, without the yearly renewal fees.