Lactate Scout+ Hand-held Lactate Analyser from EKF Diagnostics

Lactate Scout+ is a hand-held lactate analyser that requires just 0.2 µl of capillary blood and returns results in 10 seconds. Up to 250 results can be stored on the device which also features stopwatch and count down timers for performance measurement.

An integrated step test function and Bluetooth connectivity makes Lactate Scout+ the most advanced lactate meter in the market.

Lactate Scout+ has been designed to be used 'in the field' as a training companion for individuals or sports teams. Because lactate is an important measurement for many different types of athlete the Lactate Scout+ operates in temperatures from 5-45 centigrade and in up to 85% humidity.


  • Insert/remove sensor to turn on/off
  • Jog dial navigation
  • Only 0.2 µl of capillary blood required
  • Pre-calibrated sensors
  • Device calibrated by simple coding
  • Lactate measurement, date/time, mode, temperature and memory ID on a single display
  • Automatic self test
  • Enzymatic amperometric detection method
  • Results within 10 seconds
  • Measuring range: 0.5 - 25 mmol/L
  • Compensates for the influence of low and high hematocrit levels
  • Imprecision: ±3% (minimal standard deviation 0.2 mmol/L)
  • Test solutions available for function control
  • Single and step-test measurements (resting/exercise/recreation)
  • Stopwatch and countdown timer functions
  • Lactate Scout Assistant software available for performance management