Leica Cryo CLEM for Analysis of Cryo-fixed Biological Samples

The innovative Leica Cryo CLEM set for widefield lightmicroscopy with the Leica DM6000 FS represents the state-of-the art solution for analysis of cryo samples in the cryo light and electron microscope. For easy, contamination-free sample transfer from cryo sample preparation instruments, the cryo transfer shuttle is docked to the Leica EM Cryo stage mounted to the microscope. The Leica Cryo CLEM objective with low working distance (< 0,28 mm) for high resolution ensures fast and specific localization of target structures in the light microscopy leading to fast and accurately determine regions of interest in the electron microscope.


  • Safely transfers cryo samples and loads them into the cryo stage - the cryo transfer shuttle keeps samples frost free to yield high quality light microscopy images
  • Low working distance for high resolution creates beautiful high image quality
  • Saves time - loads and unloads samples very quickly with the sample transfer and loading system
  • Works intuitively