Leica FL400 Surgical Microscope from Leica Microsystems

The Leica FL400 in combination with the active substance 5-ALA helps to see the tumor more clearly for a more complete resection of malignant glioma, while sparing healthy brain tissue.

Before surgery, the patient drinks the 5-ALA solution. The aminolevulinic acid is absorbed by the cells in the body, whereas the glioma cells take up more and convert 5-ALA into the fluorescent PPIX. When illuminated under blue light the PPIX in the tumor glows an intense red, while the normal tissue appears blue. 


  • Visible tumor margins
  • Videos in high-definition
  • Quick and easy handling
  • Modular design
  • IntenseBlue - Leica M720 FL400
  • DoubleBlue - Leica M525 FL400