Designed for the premium and high-end ophthalmic market, primarily anterior segment surgery, the Leica M820 F20 features the well-known 800-series optics and a cost-efficient floor stand.

The Leica M820 – an ophthalmic microscope APO OptiChrome optics and direct halogen illumination give the surgeon natural color, outstanding depth of field, and a stable red reflex for maximum detail recognition.

The Leica F20 floor stand has a small base, long reach, and mechanical brakes allowing an easy set up for surgery in ORs with limited space.

The Leica M820 F20 can thus suit all surgical needs of primarily small and mid-size Hospitals and Surgery Centers doing mainly cataract surgery.


True Red Reflex

The double beam stereo illumination and Leica's large OttoFlex II illumination diameter enable true three-dimensional vision, and better Red Reflex stability and brightness. The result: increased depth of field, less XY-centering and refocusing required, brightness adjustable where it is needed most.

Leica Rotatable Beamsplitter

Leica's Rotatable Beamsplitter is the world's first two-beampath solution for temporal approach cataract surgery. The easy, side-to-side quick change of the assistant observer optics saves time between cases and increases efficiency in the operating room.

Optimize surgical workflow

The Leica M820 F20 offers an excellent mixture of features to support the surgical workflow while also enhancing the comfort of surgeon and staff. For example: UltraLow II binocular tubes, Rotatable Beamsplitter, Wireless Footswitch, Two-in-One display, StepCycle, and Auto Reset function.

Leica Wireless Footswitch

Leica's Wireless Footswitch offers maximum mobility for a fast and easy switch between left and right eye procedures. It uses ISM bandwidth technology and the battery has a life expectancy of about one year. The result: cordless convenience.