The Leica RUV800 is a retinal wide-angle viewing system with an integrated inverter. This means:

  • Upright view of the retina for the surgeon, assistant, and camera - inside and outside of the eye where instruments enter
  • When folded back into a rest position there is no inverter left on the microscope
  • Easy to install and remove with just a small twist

As a result, the Leica surgical microscope can be comfortably used and shared by both anterior and posterior segment surgeons.


Easy economics

Conventional systems require stacked inverters to view an upright image of the retina. With the Leica solution, the inverter is integrated into the body of the Leica RUV800 thus requiring no extra inverter. This system is simple by design, with no disposables, no electronics, and less potential downtime.

Easy to use for the surgeon

Simply swing the Leica RUV800 into the optical path and adjust the focus lever(s) for sharp, high quality, wide angle views of the retina. Use either the wide angle 132 diopter XLView loupe or for higher magnification the 90 diopter loupe.

Upright image, always

The Leica RUV800 sits beneath the microscope’s optics and gives the surgeon, assistant, and the video monitor the same upright view all over the surgical field. This makes it easier and safer to position and insert retinal instruments.

Easy to prepare for the OR staff

The OR staff saves time preparing for surgery, as the main part of the Leica RUV800 remains mounted to the microscope. Only the loupe, focus lever, and silicone sleeve require sterilization. In addition, the AgProtect™ nano silver coating gives the Leica RUV800 antibacterial qualities.

Comfort through ergonomic design

The integrated inverter of the Leica RUV800 means no additional height is added to the microscope stack, which improves ergonomics and surgeon's comfort.

Ready for cataract surgery

Other retinal viewing systems have a separate inverter below the binocular tube, which is a potential obstacle during anterior segment surgery. Unlike these systems, the Leica RUV800 is easily removed after retinal surgery leaving the microscope ready for cataract surgery.